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Over the course of a year, I had the pleasure of getting to work with Aneil on trust building. Aneil was vetted through an extensive selection process to identify an exceptional leader in trust building for our senior R&D leadership team. Aneil was of course chosen and after two very productive working sessions had exceeded our expectations. We wanted to work with the best and Aneil has delivered. Besides the fact that he has literally written the book on trust and has stellar credentials, what impressed me most was how much effort and homework he put in prior to our actual sessions. He doesn't just talk trust, he builds it. In fact, he had our trust before he walked into the first full session. It's amazing how much more productive the training was with having a strong foundation of trust with the instructor. Unique is the only way to describe it. Of course it also helped that he has exceptional content and insight and kept your attention in a way that hours seemed like minutes. I think Aneil has just the right combination of experience and research, that makes you want to capture all these insights. I have to say that this is one of the best investments in training we have made and would strongly recommend Aneil and his program.

Daniel, Director, R&D Operations, Abbott Labs

I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Aneil in Denver. The topic focused on the role of trust in the success of an enterprise. He effectively shared the competing values framework and how it impacts the dynamic nature of business with leaders, teams, and individuals. Aneil has amazing flexibility to move with the audience and share cool data. He does not flinch when delivering hot and controversial insights. All morning he was able to command our attention and manage group process during the presentation. Kudos to Aneil!

Annette, AVP, Talent Management

Whether it is coaching, team building, or facilitating a leadership workshop, we work with you to deliver content tailored to the needs of your team.

Aneil and Karen Mishra

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